Iyengar Yoga FAQ

Question: How do I begin to study Iyengar Yoga?
Answer: You may start in our Introductory Course or "Asana I" classes.

Question: What if I'm not flexible?
Answer: Beginning students are stiff more often than not. The postures are designed to increase flexibility. Equally important benefits of yoga, however, are increased strength and endurance.

Question: What if I have a physical problem?
Answer: The practice of yoga avoids shocks to the system and abrupt movements. If you have a physical limitation, please inform your teacher of your condition and of any recommendations from your physician.

Question: What about yoga for the reduction of stress?
Answer: Yoga is a recognized tool for stress management. It educates the body to recognize and release stored tension.

Question: Will I be taught meditation?
Answer: The meditative aspect of Iyengar yoga springs from the complete concentration and participation of body, mind and spirit in a posture. This total involvement in the posture is meditation, and is taught at the Yoga Center in a dynamic, straightforward way.